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Book your gigs faster and easier with Prysim


Prysim is a platform that allows venues and their agents a much faster and easier gig booking / management process. Simply create your profile and upload your gigs to get access to the easiest to read EPKs. Reduce the number of emails back and forth requesting information and get it all first.

Prysim is making gig booking and management easy.

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Manage your gigs easier



Book Gigs Faster

Prysim allows you to organise, book and manage gigs faster. As a venue or agent for a venue you can use our calendars to set your gig availability up within 10 minutes. Artists then apply for your gigs. An artist application is linked to their profile, a full EPK.

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Prysim is free to use, sign up, build your gigs calendar and start booking gigs. Post gig, Prysim makes payment a much easier and simpler task. Pay an artist directly though Prysim, using stripe integration.

Communication Is Key

Our messaging system means that you can directly chat to the applied artists through Prysim. By pulling this process into the one platform we are saving you time and the dreaded emails. Make communication simple.

Venue Prysim Screen Shots

The Prysim Story

Why do we do what we do?

There is a story that Prysim founder Taran Croxton tells. It goes like this…

“I was asked by a friend to play guitar for his tour of Japan. I jumped at the opportunity as most would do and said yes. Now booking gigs in a foreign land with very little english language meant we used Google Translator to convert our beautiful EPK into Japanese. Unfortunately in the translation we asked the Japanese venues if we could commit and execution in their live space…”
Now the music industry is one where we as creatives spend a lot of time managing day to day activities that can be long and painful. The majority of that management is communications. Even though we are speaking the same language, sometimes it is the hardest part of being in the music industry.

Drawing on his experience as a musician and as a process improvement specialist Taran took the time to analyse the current gig booking situation. From a process perspective there are some key tasks that are constant had work.
And so, Prysim was born. For the first time artists and venues can connect utilising a single platform. All the information that each party requires is on the platform making the connection easier and faster than ever!
Taking inspiration from current freelance platform the process is really quite simple;

Search > Connect > Gig > Rate

The process simplifies each step for both the artist and venues, or their agents. As an Artist, setting up your profile provides you with an EPK. Your profile provides links to your social media accounts, a bio, press release photos and a calendar of your previous and up coming events. Prysim is making the gig booking process easy.


Prysim simplifies the searching process for both artists and venues. Simply click the discover artists to gain a list of all the artists. Alternatively, update you available gigs in your gig calendar and let the artists come to you. Artists applications now can be simple and stored all in the one place. Reduce the time finding the right information by using the streamlined process and structure of Prysim.


Invite artists to your gig, either directly on the Prysim platform, or send them a link to a gig via email. Either way, connecting is easy. Once an invitation or application has been received you can communicate directly through the Prysim Messenger. This has been created to increase and simplify communication. It is also destined to reduce the number of the dreaded emails.


Prysim uses Stripe as a payment gateway. Post the gig, make your billing quick and easy by simply clicking ‘Pay Artist’. We are looking for forward thinking venues that want our music industry to survive. By streamlining the payment process we are reducing the time it will take to complete payment. Saving everyone time, money and stress.


Coming Soon

We are currently working on a post gig rating system. Post a gig we will give you the ability to rate the performing artists from your perspective as a paying customer. This rating will help you as a venue booker to be able to assess the quality of the artist faster. Stay tuned for that feature.

Some of our Registered Venues

Prysim Logo

Prysim HQ is offering Live Streamed Facebook Sessions for local artists.


Solbar is the hot Sunshine Coast live music venue dedicated to the best original acts.


NamJam is the Sunshine Coasts leading annual busking competition.


Once a month Mute Music Management showcase local artists at Kings Beach Tavern.

Mute Music Management Show Case

Prysim HQ

Go to the Prysim HQ site to book your [email protected] session.