Six things musicians should do on Social Media to engage their audience and grow their following
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Social Media is a tool that used right can propel a career forward.

Six Tips Musicians should do on Social Media

Interested in growing your fanbase but having a hard time getting your music out there? Not getting the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience? No budget to blast your songs on the radio? No music producers to help you out? Looking for a platform in which you do not have to spend an initial investment in order to promote your music? Don’t worry, in the world of digital media, you will never have to worry about getting your music viral! Everything you need in order to promote your music is in the palm of your hands. Here is our hot six tips on what musicians should do on Social Media.

  1. Know the importance of social media when it comes to exposure
  2. In the past decade, we have seen the impact that social media has on various important events. From helping political parties in winning the election, promoting globalisation to discovering aspiring actors and musicians online. Social media has undoubtedly impacted how our world functions. Youtube has been one of the biggest platforms wherein musicians post their content. Social Media platforms like Facebook and YouTube give the aspiring musicians an opportunity for them to create music and share them with the world. Platforms like these have given big celebrities their big break. Shawn Mendez, Carly Rae Jepsen and Tori Kelly to name a few.

  3. Build your profile
  4. Introduce yourself, what do you do? What kind of music do you play? Are you part of a band? How long have you been making music? Are you signed to a record label? All of these are questions a musician should address when it comes to building their profile. Think of it as if you were introducing yourself to someone, you would want to seem likeable and friendly. Someone who the audience would want to support. Letting your audience know more about your personal life will make them perceive you on a more personal level. Show your audience your humorous side. This is how you should build your brand, make your audience feel comfortable around you, let them know you better as a musician.

    * Image *Engage with your audience in a personal way.

  5. Talk to your audience
  6. Interacting with your audience can be tough when performing live gigs, you cannot give everyone the attention that they need from you. That is the role of having a social media account. Simple things like replying to their comments and messages or liking their posts can show your audience your appreciation and, if you are dealing with a larger, consider hiring a social media manager in order to maintain a relationship with your fans. This not only boosts your confidence as a musician, but also draws more attention to your brand by showing your fans that you appreciate their support.

  7. Promote your brand
  8. You have already built you image and your brand, now you have to promote it! Post your shows in your social media accounts. Tell your audience where you will be performing. If you are planning to sell your merchandise, social media is the way of promoting it. Occasionally wearing one of your merchandise in your pictures is a great way of encouraging your audience to further help you in your journey to a successful music career. This not only earns you profits, but when audience choose to wear your merchandise in public, this gives you free advertisement.

    Merchandise is still a key to $$$. So Promote it!

  9. Post regular content
  10. Keep your audience interested! Posting regular audio and videos of your music will also allow you to also reach an even larger population of audience. This will also increase the probability of your music going viral and attract different music producers.

  11. Consider hiring a PR team
  12. When a musician’s career has already taken off, hiring some help will not only get different things done at the same time, but also ensures productivity and efficiency in a growing business. Hiring a PR or a public relations team will be essential in growing your business, they will be responsible in promoting your brand and controlling the content that is being posted.

5 Way Fist Bump

Musicians used to audition for big TV series in order for them to get the exposure that they needed. Hoping, that one day, a record company would knock on their door to offer them a contract.They used to risk everything in order to gain a successful music career. Today, in the modern age, a musician should only be passionate and dedicated enough to understand the power of social media in order to promote their content online and reach a bigger audience.

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