Funk Dancing for Self Defence Release Single Twentysomething. Available digitally from all your favourites.
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Funk Dancing for Self Defence Release Single ‘Twentysomething’

Funk Dancing For Self Defence (FDFSD) are surprising as their name leaves you guessing to what you are about to be in for. They can be classified as Indie Rock, but they go further than that. Their music takes both styles and combines them without merging, creating pieces that are like deserts and oceans pulled together in just four or five minutes. This Melbourne based band is demanding your attention, and they’re doing it with power.

When you read their name and play their music, you would expect to hear a heavy funk influence but, instead, a rock voice and a clean guitar take you by surprise and make you feel you’re listening to an indie rock band. Then, right after the chorus, when you think a synth or some light percussion is going to come in, they get the foot on the distortion, punch you right in the rock box and transform that soft song in a powerful rock piece. This gives their music great dynamic, transferring you into their world and making you feel the calm and the storm right on the same boat.

FDFSD recently released their first EP, called “Twentysomething”, that has four original songs, and was premiered with a show at Melbourne’s Boney. Right now, you can stream those four songs in every major music site such as Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify and the band’s Bandcamp page.

“Now that the EP is out we’re going to play shows for a while and promote it, but we’ve also got a few things in the pipeline”, said a member of the band. “Firstly, we’re planning a music video for new single (one that doesn’t appear on the EP, so brand new) which should hopefully be ready by September”.

After that music video is out the band is going to start a tour across the country, so keep an eye out for tour dates as they could be visiting your city by the end of this year. They also have plans for new recordings in 2019, so a new EP can be on their way too.

Funk Dancing for Self Defence (called that way by a joke of The Simpsons , see here) is a band that transmit the feeling of being in a group of friends having real fun making music, but also impact you with the power of their rock side. That’s why they capture the essence of Indie, without losing their power.

Keep it up Fella’s, we’ll be watching.

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