Coastal Lights Release New Song 'What's my Type' - Prysim
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Coastal Lights Release New Song ‘What’s my Type’

Coastal Lights has all the signs of being a beach band without falling in the cliché. Their music makes you want to move with that subtle merging of pop with a strong driving rock texture, giving them a really bright and warm result. They have been taking the stages of Gold Coast and they are planning to go bigger.
From the moment you see their logo and their name, you know you’re entering in a shining hope. Even before hitting the play button you know you’re going to have a good time. They catch you with an exciting rhythm driven from the drums and guitars, and a bright vocal melody, just like a good song should do. Then, all through the four minutes of their song, they demonstrate how subtle and how powerful they can be at the same time.
They just released their first single called ‘What’s my type?’, that has had good reactions from their audience. “We’re quite excited about the single, it hasn’t been out for a long time but we’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from our friends and supporters“, said Angelo Chua, one of the guitar players of the band.
The band has its focus on recording and getting new material out before getting back on stage. “This single is only an appetiser, we’re keeping the hype up and we’ll be releasing our 4-track EP very soon!“.
After that EP is out, they are planning to play more shows in their home town of Gold Coast. Then, they want to take their music further. “The big goal for this band is to take what we’ve worked on to the road and showcase our sound and message“.
Coastal Lights is a young and fresh project that plays really good with the dynamics of their music, transmitting a young energy that collides with a mature sense of music. These guys started their way with the right foot.

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Coastal Lights


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