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Are you an aspiring musician that is looking for some tips as to how to make your audience remember you? The music you produce is a crucial part of your success as a musician, but building your audience and fans is also very important. Whether you are performing in bars, in the middle of a mall or in hotels, it is very important to engage with your audience, make your performance unforgettable! Here are 5 tips on order for you to engage with your audience!

  1. Know Your Genre

    Do you often ask yourself, should I move my arms like this? Should I wander on stage? Should I stay in one spot my whole performance? Before you ask yourself those questions, ask yourself these first; Are you performing a country song? pop song? Classical music? Rock n’ Roll? Knowing this early on will set you in the right direction. Your genre of music dictates how you act on stage. Typically, a country singer should be fun, captivating and uplifting while a classical music singer tends to be more mellow and full of emotions. Categorising your music into a specific genre will help you, the musician to understand how you should act on stage.

  2. Microphone

  3. Audience Interaction

    We have all seen big stars clap their hands, sway their bodies, jump around and do all sorts of physical cues for their audience to follow. This not only entertains the audience, it also is a way for your audience to show you their support and appreciation for your music. This not only encourages you, as an artist but also makes your audience connect with the musician in a more personal level.

  4. Know Your Audience

    Have you noticed that more males than females are a part of your audience? Do you know the age your music attracts the most? Generally, a younger crowd would like the performance to be more enjoyable and fun, while a more mature group of people would want a more relaxing and a nonchalant approach. Determining your population will give you an idea as to how you have to interact with them. You cannot go crowd surfing in a group of 60-year-old people as your audience, can you?

  5. Artist

  6. Observe Your Audience

    While performing, a musician should be conscious as to how your audience are responding and learn from it. Are they responding to your physical cues? If not, try to mix it up! Different people prefer different things, so make sure to incorporate different things when performing and observe how the audience responds to it.

  7. Singer

  8. Enjoy Yourself!

    An audience will feel your charismatic character and will join you! If the audience sees a musician who feels as if he/she would rather be somewhere else, they will not connect with you. Passion is something an audience wants to see. This is your chance to show other people music that you’ve created and make them feel the meaning behind it. You should perform because you love performing, not because you see dollar signs along the way. This will help you genuinely connect with your target audience and they will see the sincerity behind your music.

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