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5 Questions with Muules

Muules at Solbar Photo by Cynthia Lee

5 Questions with Muules

We are big lovers of local legends Muules. These guys have hit a note that bends our minds every time. A three piece (Nathan Vasey Vox, Rhys Fox Bass/Effects, and Nick Boardman Drums). These guys pull an incredibly tight and heavy sound with Rhys mixing driving bass with crunching lead lines!

We got some time with Muules to ask them 5 questions about being a band that is based outside the walls of a major city.

    1. How would you describe your local music scene and the availability of venues?
      Flourishing, BUT, kind of have to fight for scraps at times. It’s not the venues faults – but more the restrictions put upon the Venues via legislation. It’d be nice to see our home town (Nambour) have a few venues again (only really one, and it’s more suited to cabaret style).
    2. As a band from outside the walls of a city what would you say the biggest pro of being regional was as a band starting up?
      Being the outsider CAN be an advantage, as you’re not swayed or influenced by what’s happening in the inner-city cliques, so it’s very likely your sound will be different.
    3. What has been your most favourite music memory to date and why is it a stand out?Looking up mid-set and seeing people knowing and singing along to the words. Not just one person, but a crowd. That means your music has reached them on more than a superficial level. I don’t think audiences realise how much of an effect that has on us as musicians.
    4. As a regional based band do you think more bands should be looking to tour the regions and why?
      Definitely. Create a regional tour track! Make it varied in style, but consistent.
    5. Is there anything you want to plug?
      Yes! We’ve back recording tracks to follow up our debut EP released mid-way through last year. Our new single Unabated will be released on February 22nd through all good streaming services.


    Keep your eyes on these guys in 2019. We will be watching closely and cannot wait for the new single to drop!!

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    Photo Credit for image to Cynthia Lee

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