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Are you an aspiring musician? Well, here are some reasons as to why gigs matter and how performing in front of a live audience will help you or your band make a name in the music industry! In the age of digital media, musicians are now using platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other social networking platforms to hopefully make their mark and get signed in a record deal with a famous producer. While social media exposure is important, live performances or gigs are also essential in getting your music heard. Here are some of the reasons why live gigs and performances are important to an aspiring musician:

1. Character builder

As a musician, confidence is one of the most important characteristic you have to possess. Confidence is a foundation in which a musician will build their brand upon and as much as posting music videos online is helpful in building a musician’s confidence, real interaction with their own fans will surely help in the character development of a musician or a band. Personal interaction with fans such as meet and greets and live performances will feel the impact their music has on people and their fans.
Freddy Mercure - Queen Frontman

2. Introduction to the business side of the music industry

When you ask a musician why they do what they do, they will probably tell you that they enjoy making their own music, that it’s their passion, and that even knowing that the climb to fame will be hard, and full of obstacles, they are willing to go through it all because of the joy of making music and performing is their passion. When musicians and bands are introduced to performing live in bars or in special events, they are paid to do what they love to do the most. This is where their dreams of making money and being successful out of the things you love to do starts. Nobody wants a career wherein they know they will not be passionate in their profession.
Source: Dubspot

3. Promote your music through live performances

Think of your audience as your target market and your band as your product. Much like a business, you still have to create a marketing plan where you strategize how to package and sell your product. In musician’s cases, instead of handing out flyers and giving out free samples, this marketing strategy will be performing live in front of an audience for your target market to buy whatever you are selling, and in this case, it’s your music.
Source: Copyright iStockphoto.com/Nathan McClunie

4. Build your network

We have all heard stories of musicians getting discovered by music producers while they were performing live on the streets or in bars. Justin Bieber was one of the biggest star that came out of being signed by a producer who saw him perform live. Network is a big factor in any industry, especially when it comes to the music industry. When a musician is only starting out, think of him as a blank piece of paper, they start with absolutely nothing. No fan base, no exposure, and no connections. They will start meeting people along the way, especially in live gigs, they will meet other bands and musicians that have connections and here, they will establish a network of people who know their way around the music industry.

Source: https://static.wixstatic.com/media/c66d20_d4b5ac4e924a496986073dc8d6b0bd26~mv2.jpg

As much as it is important to post and share videos of your music online in different social platforms, it is also important to book gigs and perform live in front of an audience. A musician cannot simply pick one, a successful musician knows the power of social media and the power of interaction with people on live performances.

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