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Book your gigs faster and easier with Prysim


Register today to build your best looking EPK with all the right links and information that venues and agents need to book you. Find the right gig and send your application. Booking gigs should be easy.

Prysim is ensuring you can Manage Less and Gig More.

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Book Gigs Faster

Prysim allows you to spend less time managing and more time gigging. As an artist you can search and apply directly to venues or booking agents through a calendar of available dates. The application links directly to your EPK, your Prysim profile.

Sign Up For Free

Sign up is free, to search and apply for gigs is free too. Once you play a gig you can request payment through the Prysim payment gateway. Prysim takes a small 7% fee from the total. We are looking for ways to provide artists with the confidence that their payment will be available on the evening or shortly after!

Communication Is Key

By getting in touch directly with with the venue or booking agent, you are saving yourself and the venue valuable time. Once you have applied for a gig you get access to a messenger app in which you can negotiate or discuss details for the gig.

Prysim Artist Screen Shots

The Prysim Story

Why do we do what we do?

There is a story that Prysim founder Taran Croxton tells. It goes like this…

“I was asked by a friend to play guitar for his tour of Japan. I jumped at the opportunity as most would do and said yes. Now booking gigs in a foreign land with very little english language meant we used Google Translator to convert our beautiful EPK into Japanese. Unfortunately in the translation we asked the Japanese venues if we could commit and execution in their live space…”

Now the music industry is one where we as creatives spend a lot of time managing day to day activities that can be long and painful. Drawing on his experience as a musician and as a process improvement specialist Taran took the time to analyse the current gig booking situation. From a process perspective it many touch points and no structure to the interaction. This often causes much more effort than is required on both the artists and the venue side.
And so, Prysim was born. For the first time artists and venues can connect utilising a single platform. All the information that each party requires is on the platform making the connection easier and faster than ever!
Taking inspiration from current freelance platform the process is really quite simple;

Search > Connect > Gig > Rate

The process simplifies each step for both the artist and venues, or their agents. As an Artist, setting up your profile provides you with an EPK. Your profile provides links to your social media accounts, a bio, press release photos and a calendar of your previous and up coming events. Prysim is making the gig booking process easy.


Prysim simplifies the searching process for artists. The search gig page allows you to search all the upcoming gigs and apply directly to the venue of booking agent. Search for gigs by venue name, location, capacity, dates and more. Or simply click the discover venues to gain a list of all the venues and see the available gigs at your favourite venues.


One you have found the gig you want, simply hit the apply button. This action sends the venue a link to your profile, your EPK. Allowing you to  get to an agreement on dates much faster. Once a gig is applied for Prysim allows for a direct messaging service so you can communicate to finalise the finer details with the venue or booking agent.


Showing up and gigging is the fun part. As all the details are sorted fast and easily we expect that there will be more time for gigging. Once the gig is completed the booking page in the Prysim platform is automatically updated into a payment gateway. We are working with our venues to find new ways to provide confidence and reduce the time between gig and payment.


Coming Soon

We are currently working on a post gig rating system. After you play a gig we will give you the ability to rate the venue from your perspective as an artists playing there. This will allow for the music community to band together and let others know of the great venues to play and bring a much needed transparency to those that don’t play fair.

Book Gigs At These Participating Venues and More

Prysim Logo

Prysim HQ is offering Live Streamed Facebook Sessions for local artists.


Solbar is the hot Sunshine Coast live music venue dedicated to the best original acts.


Kawana Shoppingworld is looking for artists to play in their dining precinct.

Kawana Shoppingworld

Weekly music from Thursday through to Sunday. Opposite the beautiful Mooloolaba Beach

Lot 104

Prysim HQ

Go to the Prysim HQ site to book your [email protected] session.